Monday, October 24, 2011

I Married a Killer Whale!

(mind you before you read this that I could not control the words coming out of my mouth the entire dream) I found myself about to tie the knot with a lovely young man who I didn't know.  When all of a sudden he decided to call of the wedding and left me, I was crushed.  My mom decided it was time for an arranged marriage, so of course I said ok.  Next thing I knew I was on the beach in a wedding dress standing next to a Killer Whale.  I started to cry and my mom asked me what was wrong. I cried "Do I have to live in the ocean for the rest of my life?" She said "Of course you do! He's your husband!"  So after our wedding me and my new husband made our way into the ocean.  For some reason breathing and talking under water was no problem.  After swimming for a while my whale of a husband started crying. I asked him "Whats wrong?" He said "All my friends pick on me because they're bigger than me!" I said "Don't worry honey you're big to me!"  Flash forwarding year down the road, my friends came to visit me in the cave that I lived in with my husband (under the sea of course) They asked how I was and I said great and then they asked where my children were and I said "They're playing outside." Then I woke up.... and I don't want to know what my kids looked like


  1. This is awesome! I've never had a wedding dream (thank goodness, I'd wake up in tears) but I have had the occasional animals-as-people dreams and they are definitely unsettling. I know some people believe that every dream has an important meaning, but for your sake and mine I certainly hope not.

  2. This dream is just fantastic. I wish I could live under the water as well, tell us your secret. The fact that you married a killer whale implies that you have a fear of Sea World trainers.

  3. I love the insanity that happens in dreams, I just wish I could remember my own. As soon as I wake up, the memory of my dream is gone. I can always remember how crazy the dream was, but I can never remember the details. However, just thinking about if I had ever had a dream like this brings up some foggy memories.