Monday, December 5, 2011

Zombieland ... that always happens to me

There I was in my ever reacurring nightmare, being in a zombie apocalypse. My family, friends and boyfriend fled to the mountains.  We hid out there for a couple of years and built a crazy reinforced cabin to keep the random zombie herd attack and machine guns on the roof to kill them too if need be.  One day there were too many zombies and they started destroying our cabin! We jumped on top of what was left of our cabin and started shooting the walkers like crazy! Don't forget the pepper spray apparently in my dream this time spraying pepper spray in their eyes killed them too. There were a few close calls, at one point one grabbed me by the foot and almost bit it off!, but we all fled the scene and made it out okay. The next thing we decided to do is something you should never do during a zombie apocalypse; head towards a major city. We thought that maybe since it had been a few years that the zombies may have died down in the city and gone elsewhere to find food.  When we got there we saw something we never expected! Zombies milled about freely but normal people were still around too; driving around in armored trucks and in super enforced buildings that could move up in the air on cement pillars to avoid a zombie attack. We went into one of these buildings to see what was going on and one of the guys inside told us that the U.S. was now ruled by an evil dictator. He made the country mostly safe but you had to keep going about your life slaving away doing jobs and all in the meantime avoid the flesh eating zombies! This place was a nightmare! I got so upset I woke up.

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